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Potential Enhancements To Evaluate

The analysis has not started yet. We will wait after the official launch of version 3. We do have a lot of ideas and suggestions in store. Depending on whether these features break the API or not, they may make it into version 3.x or be deployed in v4.


If you have suggestions, please post them for discussion to the Feature Request category of our GitHub Discussions.

Ideas & Suggestions to Evaluate​

If you feel any of these ideas should be given priority, plese explain why in the Feature Request category of our GitHub Discussions so I can properly triage them.

  • Add support for Web BLE MIDI (browser implementation, Node implementation)

  • Explore compatibility with WebMidiLink. Could we create an output that points to a WebMidiLinked device?

  • Could we allow WebMidi.time to be reset? (see discussion #213)

  • Add throttling or delay option to sendSysex (see discussion #235).

  • Calculate BPM from clock messages (Discussion #177)

  • Allow the first argument of output.playNote( ) to be ‘0:0’ as ‘A0’, ‘7:3’ as ‘E:3’ and so on.

  • Add a "mute" option for inputs/outputs

  • Include the ability to add MIDI event listeners at the WebMidi.js level (Issue #138)

  • Emit events on send() so outbound MIDI messages can be listened for (Discussion #171)

  • Add a stopAllNotes() method

  • Calculate time values and make them directly available for songposition and timecode message

  • Make Istanbul (nyc) break down the coverage stats by test file.

  • Add the ability to send grouped messages for CC events (and potentially others)

  • Add expliocit support for MIDI Polyphonic Expressions.

  • Add explicit support for Universal System Exclusive Messages

    • This would include a sendIdentityRequest() method to the output object (perhaps with a getIdentity() companion method that waits for the response) (Issue #117)

    • This could also include the capability to query device for make/model (similar to jzz-midi-gear)

    • Implement show control protocol subset

  • Add ability to inject Jazz-Plugin code for browsers with no native Web MIDI API support.

  • Add the option to create sysex plugins for various devices forum thread

  • Add issue and PR templates

  • Add continuous integration tool

  • Add ability to read/write MIDI files

  • Solid timing, midi clock, sync, transport functionality

  • Helper functions that help to deal with sysex checksum from specific manufacturer (Roland, checksum, etc.)

  • Add explicit support for Sample Dump Format (see discussion on forum)

  • Allow third-party developers to develop modules that facilitate encoding and decoding of device-specific sysex messages (see forum discussion)

  • Add timing capabilities such as syncing with Tone.js or being able to schedule events using musical notes.

  • Add the ability to export a MIDI file (perhaps with another lib such as MidiWriterJS or Jazz-Soft

  • SMF Support

  • Piano roll

  • Check if something specific needs to be done to support Electron (this discussion).

  • Evaluate whether if would be worth it to switch from the midi module to the web-midi-test module for unit tests (discussion here).

Enhancements Put On Hold For Now​

  • Consider usage of pipelining operator for patching webmidi function calls to a sequence
  • Consider using middleware approach for making the app pluggable