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I am very happy that you decided to join the WebMidi.js community. Please take a little time to browse the guidelines and tips before you start posting.

Usage Guidelines

  • Respect others. They are expected to do the same.
  • Post in the right category. There are only 4, you can do it!
  • Be safe. Consider all posted content to be public.
  • Be legit. Hateful, illegal, spammy or copyright-infringing content will not be tolerated.

In short, be respectful, enjoy yourself, and help me build a great community.

Tips & tricks

  • Mention others. Put an @ symbol before the username to mention someone. They’ll get notified when you do.
  • Tweak your notification preferences. You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from the Edit Profile page.
  • Send private messages. You can do so by going to your inbox, or by visiting another user's profile page (click their username).
  • Embed external content. You can embed a YouTube video, a Pinterest pin or a tweet by simply pasting the link. The forum will handle the embedding for you.
  • Be informed. Check out what’s going on with other community members on the Activity page.


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