Best way to do MMC with WebMIDI.js?

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I’m hoping to receive and send MIDI Machine Control messages in my app. I’m still getting my head around what they are and how they work. It looks like I need to dig into some sysex stuff. Are there any guidelines or helpers for doing MMC with WebMIDI.js? I suppose I should probably just Google this.. but maybe by asking here, the next Googler will find their answer right here! 🙂


  • MMC is a rather large addendum to MIDI 1.0. The MMC spec alone is over 100 pages long! Basically, in WebMidi.js, you would use the sendSysex() method to send specially crafted realtime sysex message to the device you want to control. You would use Input.addListener("sysex", someFunc) to handle incoming MMC messages.

    I haven't used it myself, so I cannot be of much help...

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