Use GitHub discussions?


It seems this forum is a somewhat new thing and I was just wondering if you have considered using the new GitHub discussions feature (example:,

I just made my first post here and editing a code block I had my cursor jump around multiple times, which seemed like a bug on the side of the forum software. Using GitHub's discussion feature you wouldn't need to worry about maintaining this installation and people wouldn't need to sign up for any extra accounts.



  • Hello Martin,

    I wasn't aware of the new GitHub Discussions feature. It looks quite interesting. I'm just not sure I have the time to port everything over but I did add a note to evaluate it on my todo list. I guess I could just trash this one but this would mean valuable threads would be lost... which isn't that big of a deal but still...

    Do you have any insights on using it (especially from the administrative side) ?


  • Agree that it would be a pity if the stuff that's already on this forum got lost, so some way of preserving it would certainly be nice.

    I don't have any particular insights on using it from an administrative side but I see plenty of big OSS communities (like next.js) use it, which is encouraging. Some things I find particularly nice:

    • integrated Q&A support
    • there's a "leaderboard" for helpful community members
    • some, limited threading (a post can have comments, each comment can have replies)
    • permissions, so others can help "garden" the forum
    • upvotes
  • It does look quite good. I'll have to investigate. Thanks!

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