I would like to suggest the inclusion of methods for working with virtual midi interfaces


WebMidi.createVirtual ('VirtualPort-1');
vOutputPort = WebMidi.getOutputByName ('VirtualPort-1');
vInputPort = WebMidi.getInputByName ('VirtualPort-1');
WebMidi.destroyVirtual ('VirtualPort-1');

This would be great for VST controls.

best regards



  • edited August 2020

    Hello Henrique,

    This is a very common feature request and I would love to implement it. However, for it to happen, the Web MIDI API specification would need to be updated. There is a lengthy discussion on the subject on the web-midi-api GitHub repo. Feel free to chime in to voice your interest for that feature.

    Meanwhile, you can use the IAC driver on macOS or a loopback driver on Windows to achieve what you want.


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