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WebMidi.js is being used by amazing people to create awesome projects. Here are some examples of what the library can do.


I would love for your project to be listed here. To add it, simply modify this page on GitHub and submit a pull request.

DAWs & Editors

  • DAWG

    Created by: Jacob Smith, Amir Eldesoky, Alex ODonnell & Matt DeSilva

    Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application built using web technologies and distributed as a native application using Electron.


  • Learn Push 2

    Created by: Ivy

    A website to learn chords, scales and music theory with the Push 2 controller.

  • Raaga

    Created by: Ritesh Kumar, Jack Hsu, Prateek Bhatnagar, Sruthi, Majid Hajian & Rohit Kokate

    An online app to play and learn music on a keyboard.

  • Shared Piano

    Created by: Yotam Mann

    Shared Piano is a simple tool for remote music teaching and collaboration that lets you play music together live on the web.

  • Chromatone

    Created by: Denis Starov

    An interactive educational web-site for the visual music language based on associating chromatic notes with spectral colors.

  • WebAudio Generator

    Created by: Joe Reeve & Magnus

    A user interface to facilitate the generation of linear WebAudio code.

  • Midi Sandbox

    Created by: Jon Lee

    A collection of midi responsive widgets made to aid musicians, teachers, and students in their education, creative process, and practice routine.

  • Virtual Piano Keyboard

    Created by: Sébastien Noël

    A simple way to practice playing a piano keyboard online with helpers like chord identification and locking to a scale.


  • A.I. Duet

    Created by: Yotam Mann

    This experiment lets you play a piano duet with the computer. Just play some notes, and the computer will respond to your melody.

  • Eternal

    Created by: Rob Cheung

    Eternal is node-based sound and music programming and exploration environment.

  • Mideo

    Created by: Jan Willem Kilkman

    A Mac application that turns videos into music. It uses color tracking in combination with a grid to generate MIDI data.

  • Sonification: turning the yield curve into music

    Created by: Alan Smith

    This experiment turns the US yield curve into music and uses WEBMIDI.js to generate the MIDI note messages.

  • Seeing Music

    Created by: Jay Alan Zimmerman, Yotam Mann, Claire Kearney-Volpe, Luisa Pereira, Kyle Phillips, and Google Creative Lab

    An experiment to experience music visually. This is a tool for visualizing music. You can turn on your mic to sing or play sounds. You can also drop in your own audio or video file.

  • webmidirtc

    Created by: philmillman

    This project is meant to demonstrate controlling hardware synths using Web MIDI (via WebMidi.js) over a WebRTC video call (using Daily.)

Music Hardware Control

  • Mercury7 editor

    Created by: François Georgy

    Control your Meris Mercury7 pedal with your web browser. View all the pedal's settings at once.

  • MicroFreak Reader

    Created by: François Georgy

    An application to read and display the presets stored in the Arturia MicroFreak memory.

  • NTS1 Web Controller

    Created by: Satoru Shikita

    Web browser interface to control the KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1.

  • Pacer Editor

    Created by: François Georgy

    Web interface for the Nektar Pacer MIDI controller.

  • Soundshed

    Created by: Christopher Cook & Lavabyrd

    A Desktop app to browse and manage guitar amp tones. Control your bluetooth amp, jam to video backing tracks.

Components & Languages


    Created by: Grame Research Lab

    The online Faust IDE can be used to edit, compile and run Faust code from the Web Browser.

  • Midi Bricks

    Created by: Tim Susa

    A tool to build custom interfaces for MIDI control.

  • React Audio Tools

    Created by: ambewas

    A set of React components to build things with the Web Audio and Web MIDI APIs.

Live Coding

  • Sema

    Created by: Francisco Bernardo, Chris Kiefer & Thor Magnusson

    Sema is a playground where you can rapidly prototype live coding mini-languages for signal synthesis, machine learning and machine listening.

Online Synthesizers


    Created by: Spencer Rudnick

    In-browser modular synthesis with Web Audio and Web MIDI.


  • Inscore

    Created by: Dominique Fober, guillaumeg03 & Gabriel Leptit-Aimon

    An environment for the design of interactive, augmented, dynamic musical scores.

  • Nonoto

    Created by: Théis Bazin, Sebastian Haas & Gaetan Hadjeres

    An A.I.-powered interactive score distributed as an Electron application. It allows users to interact intuitively with any existing music composition algorithm.


  • Dexter Development Environment

    Created by: Haddington Dynamics

    The Dexter Development Environment, which is used to control the Dexter 7-axis robot arm, bundles WEBMIDI.js for MIDI control of the device.