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Academic Research

I invite all academics and researchers to show their support for this project by properly citing it wherever appropriate in your publications and references.

Citing this Software

I wrote a paper about WEBMIDI.js and, more specifically, about how it tries to address the usability shortcomings of the Web MIDI API. I invite academics to cite it in their publication whenever appropriate:

Côté, J.-P. (2022). User-Friendly MIDI in the Web Browser. NIME 2022.

You can also cite the library itself like so (APA style):

Côté, J. P. (2023). WEBMIDI.js v3.1.6 [Computer Software]. Retrieved from

Papers Citing Usage of WEBMIDI.js

If you are using WEBMIDI.js in your research, I would love to know about it. To notify me, you can simply drop me a note on Twitter. By the way, I'm open to artistic and/or academic collaborations.