Where do I begin with USB MIDI on Ubuntu Studio 20.10

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Ubuntu Studio 20.10 is newest release of a creative release for artists.

There is an Audio Handbook that discusses MIDI and WebMIDI.js would be a huge step forward.

I have a Roland Go:Keys 61k that has USB MIDI that I want to use for beginners learning music.

I am retired non-programmer that has time and technical curiosity to contribute to this effort in 2021.

Please help me on a project to get it all working !

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  • Hello there!

    I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you have anything specific we can help you with?


  • Thanks for asking.

    In the Roland link is the comment.

    GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension (source code) uses a web technology called Web MIDI API. For details, click here.

    I had ScratchX working 3 years ago online and with great effort offline from Scratch 3 without USB MIDI. I contacted Roland and got the MIDI implementation but ScratchX went away and so the Github examples no longer work. I tried to understand how the browser was coded so I could continue from the Roland MIDI spec over USB but it got confusing so I stayed away. I saw your effort and wanted to begin to try again. I can start by getting the USB Roland working Note on and Note Off with existing projects. I also can continue offline in Ubuntu Studio with applications like LMMS as I evolve the WebMIDI functionality in Chrome on multiple devices connected to the Roland and other devices I have. The other app I am exploring is MIXXX with Numark Party and Akai MPK MIDI devices.

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    MIDI Device greyed out - How do I get the Midi Device supported in Chrome (on Ubuntu) ?

    NOTE: WebMIDI may not be possible on Ubuntu Studio 20.10 (YET) so my work is cut out for me in 2021 !

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    WebMIDI.js prototype !

    Go:Keys over USB MIDI to piano Qsynth with CARLA chapter in Handbook.

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    Please see my comment to your other question.

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    I mistakenly was using Chromium which is snap package without web midi USB capability.

    I have found that Google Chrome is required for external USB MIDI devices.

    Current Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit) works as it did on 20.04 LTS Ubuntu Studio.

  • This is odd because Chromium has included Web MIDI API support since version 43.

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    Problem is the web for USB and some local files are no longer accessible in SNAP implementation.

    If you find it able to connect to USB MIDI then I am wrong about that change. Here is the console message from Chromium just now.

    WebMidi could not be enabled. DOMException: Platform dependent initialization failed.

    I also have the USB to DIN 5 Roland UM-ONE to test legacy MIDI. I can switch tests from Chromium to Google Chrome easily with out rebooting from Ubuntu Studio 20.10. This makes me feel comfortable with experimenting with both v2.5.1 and version 3 on legacy and USB as well as future MIDI devices. Should make for some interesting examples and configurations. I will also do the DJ Party Mix MIDI controller from Numark

    See https://askubuntu.com/questions/1184357/why-cant-chromium-suddenly-access-any-partition-except-for-home

    Chromium is now a snap, which has access to $HOME, /media/, /mnt/ and a few limited other areas.

    This is intended for security purposes (it runs in a container that restricts it's access to specified locations).

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